Sewing Classes

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I have been teaching sewing for over 11 years & have taught hundreds of students, including several who have come from other local courses looking for more!
If you are unsure or want more information on the courses please contact me for a chat.

This course is suitable for those who have never sewn before AND for those who are self taught.
Often students who have been sewing for years, still aren’t satisfied with their finished garments.
“I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know” is one of the most common statements that I hear at the end of the course from “experienced sewers”.
This course covers all of the basic techniques that you need to know to get you started & keep you sewing, giving you the confidence to move onto more difficult projects later. While many courses teach you how to sew a specific garment, this course teaches you how to sew!

You will gain an understanding of fabric construction & use,
the things you need in your sewing box, what they’re for & how to use them.
Learn lots of Hints & Tips.

Learn about your sewing machine, bobbins, needles & how important they are to your sewing.
Learn how to read a sewing pattern, understand the instructions & how to use the layout guide.
Understand the symbols, trace a pattern, lay it out & cut it out.
Complete samples on your machine that will instill a sense of confidence & familiarity.
Learn about a variety of sewing techniques needed in everyday sewing including Seams, Hems, Notching & Clipping Corners & Curves, Casings, gathering & more.
Day 2
Learn how to insert a centered zip & make a Buttonhole.
For your first project, you will make a small sample pair of P.J trousers (size 3).
There is no pressure, only guidance & encouragement and for everyone, a great sense of achievement when completed.BASIC REQUIREMENTS:
*All Fabric, Haberdashery, requirements & Interfacing will be discussed in Lesson 1 so that you know what to buy so, if unsure…wait until after lesson 1 to buy it.
A notebook & pen.
Your sewing machine & instruction manual (if you have one) with all feet & accessories
DON’T HAVE A MACHINE?? A limited number of sewing machines may be made available to use in class (FREE of charge) but please book one when enrolling.
-1 reel of thread (grey is a good choice).
-Scissors suitable for cutting fabric.
The following items will also be useful but not essential as I will have some available for class use if needed.
-Tape Measure
-Quick-un-pick/seam ripper (small)

PJ trousers Project– Students will be making a sample pair of trousers (Child size 3 only) in class. There will not be any size variations due to time restraints. For these items, you will require
-1 metre of printed cotton fabric (non stretch)eg: craft (patchwork)fabric, cotton poplin, Flannelette or similar (Prefer washed prior to class.
-50cms of 1.2cm wide elastic.

NB: A pattern for class use, Fabric for sewing samples & a zip is supplied.

All classes are subject to numbers. Full fees will be refunded if the class is cancelled. There are no refunds if you fail to attend class.
By going to subscribe on the bottom of the home page on this site & entering your email address, you will also receive an email regarding new courses when they are posted. This is a free service & your details will not be given to anyone else.

DAY 3 (optional extra).

Day 3 will allow students to learn more sewing techniques. Students will make a Size 3 Jacket.
Skills learnt:
-understanding more about pattern use & layout.
-inserting sleeves (2 ways).
-attaching facings & using interfacing.
-putting sewing techniques from Day 1 into practice-seam finishes, casings & hems.
Students will also learn some extra sewing techniques.

*Course content order may change subject to participants & time available.
While all course content is made available, no guarantee can be made on all techniques being completed by all students as, not all students work at the same pace. Courses are comprehensive & reasonably fast paced, however where possible, all students are given the opportunity to return on other scheduled class days to complete anything that requires finishing from these courses at no extra charge (conditions apply).

These days are available for any student (past or present), to come along & sew in a class environment for half or a full day on a scheduled sewing day (subject to space). Students can work on their own project to enhance their skills. Projects should be within a students capability but could provide a challenge to build confidence as a sewer. Students wok mostly on their own & at their own pace but I am available for advice when needed.
Students can make the most of these days by doing the basics at home (pattern layout (unless unsure), cutting out etc).
Reasons for using Open Sewing Days may include:
-Company of like minded people.
-Space to work.
-Advice when needed.
-Time out from family life.
The fee is based on a half day or a full days attendance.

Every year, I hold a sewing & craft Retreat near Busselton. Students & friends can attend & spend time sewing, crocheting, reading, chatting, eating, scrap-booking, knitting or even sleeping! These are wonderful fun weekends & if you are interested in attending, please let me know asap.
The next one will be held between 5pm on Thursday 14th May & 2pm on Sunday 17th May 2020. You can attend for any amount of time (1, 2 or 3 nights). The cost will be the same no matter how long you attend. You will also be required to contribute food.
You would need to bring your own sewing (machines, fabric, patterns etc) or craft gear, bedding & any other items (books, torch etc). A full list is available as required.
If you are interested in attending this event, please go to the Contact Jan Tab & send your enquiry & further details will then be supplied.
NB: Attendance is subject to space available. Past & present Students will get first choice!


Upcoming Classes


Location: CWA Hall, Corner of Hamilton Road & Hale Street, Eaton.
NB: Course Formats have changed slightly.

2 Day Course: $190 plus some fabric.
SUNDAY 8th March 9am-5pm
SUNDAY 15th March 9am-5pm

3 Day Course: $225 plus some fabric.
SUNDAY 8th March 9am-5pm
SUNDAY 15th March 9am-5pm
SUNDAY 22nd March 9am-5pm

WEDNESDAYS MAY BE AVAILABLE (subject to numbers) but the 2 Day course will run over 3 part days due to the shorter time.
COST:$190 plus fabric.
WEDNESDAY 11TH March 9am-2.30pm
WEDNESDAY 18th March 9am-2.30pm
WEDNESDAY 25th March 9am-2.30pm
At this stage, this is only available as a 2 day course so pay for the 2 day course but please indicate if you want to attend the extra day & if enough interest, time will be made available with the discount).

Want to do 3 Days but not can’t fit in the third day until a later date?
Don’t worry, Once you have completed your 2 Day course, Day 3 is available as an extra day & can be completed in a later scheduled course (subject to numbers).
COST: $45 plus some fabric.

Have you already completed the 2 Day Course & would like to do Day 3?
For a limited time, you can complete Day 3 for $35.

NB: Please indicate which days & times you will be attending when you enroll.
COST: Up to 4 hours – $25
Full Day – Up to 8 hours $45
Plus your fabrics, patterns as required for your own projects.
SUNDAY 15th March Between 9am-5pm
SUNDAY 22nd March Between 9am-5pm
WEDNESDAY 11TH March Between 9am-2.30pm
WEDNESDAY 18th March Between 9am-2.30pm
WEDNESDAY 25th March Between 9am-2.30pm
11th March (5.30-9.30pm)
18th March (5.30-9.30pm)
25th March (5.30-9.30pm)

may be available by arrangement on other days & could be held in your own home (Bunbury-Donnybrook-Busselton areas only) – Conditions will apply. You will need to contact Jan for a chat & more info.


Mandurah Classes have not been scheduled as yet due to other commitments in Term 1, however if sufficient interest, classes may be scheduled at a later date. If interested, please let me know & your name can be added to the list.

Please enroll via the apply for this course Tab for PayPal) or the Contact Jan Tab (Direct Deposit).

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NB: All classes are subject to numbers. If your course is cancelled, any payment will be refunded.
If you wish to enroll in any of these courses, please go to the Contact Jan Tab to pay by Direct Deposit or to the Apply for this class if paying by PayPal. Your space will not be held until payment is received!

If some of the above dates don’t work for you, or you are interested in future Sewing Classes in Mandurah & Bunbury areas, please go to the Contact Jan tab & leave your details & a message.

If you are considering buying a sewing machine in the future, please talk to me prior so that you are aware of what to look for in a machine, where to buy, what accessories you need etc. Many students buy a sewing machine & regret it shortly after because it doesn’t do what they want it to do or it doesn’t do what they want!

To enroll & pay via PayPal, go to the Apply to this class TAB, complete the form & pay.
To enroll & pay via Direct Deposit, go to the Contact Jan Tab, complete the form (bank details are on that page or under the Info Tab).
Please remember to put the course name & start date & to use your surname as a reference.