Craft Classes

Discuss yarns & hooks used.
Learn how to chain & do different Crochet stitches including double crochet & treble crochet
Learn how to read & understand a pattern
& more. Create Granny Squares.

Project (optional): Make a Granny Square Rug, a Scarf or Make a Beanie.
NB: Project choice will be dependent on Individual progress with the basic stitches.

Notebook & Pen
2 balls of plain Acrylic Wool in 2 different colours .
Size 4.5 or 5mm Crochet Hook

Extra hooks & wool is available during class to give options.
Coffee & Tea is available. Please bring any extra snacks or drinks required.

Extra Requirements will be needed for individual choice of project (e.g. Beanie).

*There is no guarantee that all students will complete the tasks offered. Progress in these sessions is entirely individual depending on how fast you pick it up, prior knowledge etc. All students will be offered more stitches etc, once confident enough to move on.

Discuss yarns & needles (types & sizes)
Learn how to Cast on, cast off
Learn how to do plain & purl stitches & complete samples of stocking stitch & garter stitch.
Learn how to read & follow a pattern.

Students all learn at different rates & so how much you learn during this course will be dependent on individual progress.

All students will be offered more stitches once confident enough to move on.

Suggested Projects:
Knit a scarf, squares for a rug or a Beanie

Wool for learning & samples is included.
Knitting Needles (Size 7mm) or, if you any others, bring them along.

Wool needle (optional)
Row counter (optional)
Stitch holder (optional)

Please Note: Some extra requirements will be needed during the class depending individual choice of project.


Upcoming Classes


COURSE CODE: CROCHET plus dates/times attending.
LOCATION:EATON CWA Hall, Hamilton Road.
$15 for any 4 hour block.
This course can be done on any of the dates Sewing, Patchwork is being held (see Sewing &/or Workshop tabs for dates).
REQUIREMENTS: (a 4mm or 4.50mm crochet hook & 2 balls of plain wool (acrylic is fine) in two different colours.
This course will cover basic stitches, reading a pattern & granny squares plus more available. There is no guarantee as to how far each individual student will get during this short course as, every individual learns at a different speed. If you can already do the basics, you will be able to move further through.
You will need to register for these sessions asap.
*This course is being run in conjunction with other classes.

*Tea & Coffee is supplied. Please bring any other required drinks or snacks.

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For any extra info Enquire to: sewartandcrafty.com.au